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Protection from Day 1 with A-1

Trained Technicians and Unbeatable Professionalism
At A-1 Fire & Security, we put your safety first. All our certified technicians are NICET trained and fully licensed Texas fire and security professionals.

With decades of experience, we are ready to handle any fire protection or property security system in Waco, TX and beyond.

Immediate Emergency Response in Waco & All Central Texas

Get Help 24 Hours Per DayDisasters and accidents happen any time of day. Fire protection, sprinkler systems, alarms, and security systems are designed to automatically save lives and secure your property.

Direct connection to your local fire and police stations for fastest response times. A-1 Fire & Security offers clients 24-hour-per-day assistance after an emergency. Call us anytime.

We Warranty Our Parts and Labor

Unique 1 Year Guarantee We believe in helping people protect their long-term security. We measure successful contracts in decades, not months. All A-1 Fire & Security workmanship and equipment is guaranteed for 1 year after installation or repair.

Call us with any problems. We stand behind our work, every time.

Fire Alarms

Residential Fire Alarms

Residential fire alarms keep any home safe. From smoke detectors to wireless alarm systems. A-1 Fire & Security offers the best fire detection and alarm systems for every residence in Waco.

Commercial Fire Alarms

All size businesses protect themselves with top commercial fire alarm services. Fire alarm inspection. Fire alarm maintenance. Fire alarm testing. Wireless monitoring and remote access for emergency response.

Central control panels and automated fire department notifications. Innovative and smart fire alarm systems from A-1 Fire & Security

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Around the clock, live fire alarm monitoring from our local UL Central Station in Waco, Texas.

Fastest response time, guaranteed.

Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Water-based protection. Environmentally-friendly. Reliable. Safe. Fire sprinklers for businesses and residences from A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Protection Engineering for New Construction

For installation of a fire sprinkler system in new construction, A-1 Fire & Security performs inspection and consults with a state-licensed Fire Protection Engineer if needed. We install. We maintain. We serve. We care.

Fire Hose & Fire Hydrants

A fire hose may be an important part of your water-based fire protection system. Get hoses and hydrant parts from top international manufacturers.

Top in Local Backflow Testing Companies

Backflow testing on your fire sprinkler system is important to maintain your fire sprinkler system. A state-certified professional should perform all backflow testing. A one-stop-shop for every home and business’ fire sprinkler system needs: A-1 Fire & Security.

Custom Fire Protection Systems Right For You

Commercial Fire Suppression & Fire Extinguishers

Cutting-edge fire protection system technology from top manufacturers. A-1 Fire & Security helps every Waco, Texas business protect lives and property.

Fire Class Training

Enhance fire protection with training. Safe reactions save lives in an emergency. Every minute counts. Corporate and private training from A-1 Fire & Security professionals.

Custom Fire Suppression Systems

Trusted in Kitchens and Data CentersFire suppression systems contain fires only in affected areas. Reduce risks without causing damage to your property.

Water based fire suppression systems: completely douse Class A fires.Gaseous fire suppression: smother fire without harming the environment. Chemical based fire suppression: retard kitchen fires and prevent re-flash.

Upgrade your Waco business’ commercial fire suppression: A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Extinguishers

Easy to Use Solutions at Hand Fire extinguishers and cabinets to prepare for any Class fire. A selection of fire extinguishers that are Made in the USA.

Mobile fire extinguisher inspection, repair, recharge and refill to businesses throughout the Waco, Texas area: A-1 Fire & Security.

Best Home Security Systems in Central Texas

Unbeatable protection for any home. Residential security system options to suit any property. From single family homes to multi-family high-rises. Student dormitories. Properties with multiple buildings.

Keep an eye on every area of your home with the newest tech innovations.

  • Smart windows and door locks.
  • Programmable lighting.
  • Mobile remote access to your central control panel.

Convenient monitoring, innovative solutions, efficient strategies: A-1 Fire & Security.

Commercial Security Systems for Every Industry

A security system solution for every Waco, Texas business property: A-1 Fire & Security. The smartest commercial security systems today offer cutting-edge technology to enhance every protection.

Gates and Controlled Access
Use keycards, wireless controllers, remotes, and call-boxes to supervise visitors to your property.

Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) Camera Systems
Monitor your entire property. Indoor and outdoor cameras. Motion or light sensors.

Interactive and Remote Access Control
Monitor and make changes to your security system from a central panel or on your mobile device. Top home and commercial security system designs and services in Waco and beyond: A-1 Fire & Security.

Based in Waco. Proud to Serve All Central Texas.

Fire Safety. Security Alarms. Controlled Access. Fire Protection.

Get the best service from trained professionals. Serving Texas for over 50 years. Reputable. Reliable. Trusted. No other local companies offer the quality fire and security system care you receive at A-1 Fire & Security. We guarantee it.