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Business Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems. Panic Alarms. Security Monitoring. Access Control.

Your business needs protection.

A-1 Fire & Security offers business security camera systems and services to keep every business safe.

From installation through recovery after an alert. Commercial security camera systems to protect against intrusion. Alarm systems to call for help. Service professionals to handle every need.

Our top commercial security camera systems cannot be disabled. In the event of power failure or system malfunction, the A-1 FIre & Security monitoring Central Station will take immediate action.

That’s A-1 protection from A-1 Fire & Security.


Headquarters in central Texas. Serving all of Texas. State and Nationally Certified for Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Protecting Commercial Properties. Securing All Businesses.

A-1 Fire & Security is licensed, insured, and qualified to install and maintain business security camera systems for all industries.

The Best Trained and Top Certified Technicians

All installers, salespeople, and service members at A-1 Fire & Security must be licensed for security camera systems through the Texas Department of Public Safety. We are proud that our team members maintain all licensing and complete advanced, specialized training.

NICET Level I – IV Security System Technicians

Our technicians train for years, both in the classroom and with hands-on experience, before becoming nationally certified. We are professionals in all types of commercial security camera system technologies.

Texas Security Installer License

In addition to national certifications, A-1 Fire & Security contractors receive all state licensing.

1 Year Warranty on Workmanship

A-1 Fire & Security offers all clients a 1 year warranty on our parts and labor. Give us a call for any issues or with any questions. Client satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.

Industry’s Best Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

Innovative Engineering for Best Security Solutions

Leading burglar alarm and safety experts. Systems designed and engineered to respond in any emergency event. Brand names you know. Local names you trust.

In our 50 years serving all of central Texas, we’ve learned the best practices and protocols for saving lives and property. That is why we offer only the best names in security systems.

NAPCO. DSC. Radionics. Tri-Ed. Security Equipment Supply. Tough Dog Cameras. ADI by Honeywell. System Sensor. And more.

Burglar alarms and entire security systems to suit your needs: A-1 Fire & Security.

Wireless Remote Access and Control

Take advantage of remote, cloud-based technology with enhanced security features to access and control your security system from your smart phone or tablet. In real time. From anywhere.

Use an app to control security lighting, door locks, CCTV monitoring, alarm system reports and settings, and so much more.

Automatic Data Backup to Central Station

During an emergency, you can’t worry if your documentation is in order. Top security systems that automatically backup and ensure protocols to document, record, and collect data for use when you need it.

Never Disabled. Protection 24/7. Fail-Safe Technologies.

No two businesses have the same security needs. Protect from theft and damages with an alarm system that saves lives and minimizes property loss.

A-1 Fire & Security offers a selection of the top options in commercial security systems for every business.

CCTV Security Systems

Security camera systems for unbeatable protection.

Security cameras benefit commercial properties.

Commercial closed circuit television systems (CCTV) offer business owners peace of mind. From loss prevention to accident documentation, from criminal activity reports to damage control, security cameras are one of the most essential pieces of technology in any industry.

Design, installation, and service for the best CCTV camera systems solutions: A-1 Fire & Security.

Wired or Wireless
Install and maintain hardwired or wireless cameras with remote accessibility. For new systems or an upgraded retro-fitted system currently in place.

Indoor and Outdoor
Cameras that are engineered for weather conditions, industrial facilities, schools, warehouses, and more. Install security wherever you need it.

On and Off-site Data Backup
Options to suit your setup. Monitor and backup at your schedule. Footage is viewable on-site in real time or with a delay. View or store in encrypted cloud-based applications.

Top Names in CCTV Camera Systems
A-1 Fire & Security uses only proven manufacturers that work to the highest industry standards. We take security very seriously, and offer only the best cameras and CCTV solutions for businesses.

Protecting and serving local Texas businesses for over 50 years: A-1 Fire & Security.

Commercial Security Camera System Monitoring

Never Lower Your Watch

Security risks happen 24 hours per day. Commercial alarm monitoring from a remote location using cloud-based, encrypted access.

From basic security alarm monitoring to fully integrated CCTV and access control systems, A-1 Fire & Security team is prepared to help, 24 hours per day.

Control Your Security Camera Systems
Maintain full control over your security camera systems, using whatever setup works best for you. Our commercial alarm monitoring options make it easy.

Quickest Response
Keep an eye on what’s important. Fastest response around-the-clock for immediate protection whenever you need it.

Panic Alarm System

Commercial emergency alert buttons, or “panic buttons”, can be installed in nearly any type of business. Mounted to the wall, floor, underside of a desk or table, they are hardwired to automatically alert the dispatch of emergency personnel. A panic alarm system cannot be disabled, even during power failure.

For hospitals, banks, jewelry stores, pawn brokers, commercial warehouses, and all locations requiring immediate response in emergency situations.

Fire Suppression for All Businesses

Today’s businesses need modern fire suppression technology.

Quickly stop smoke and fires. Reduce and eliminate fire hazards. Protect lives and property.

Above industry standards. A-1 Fire & Security has the top fire suppression solutions installation and maintenance team in central Texas.

Trusted brands: Vent A Hood, Ansul, and Fike fire suppression systems. Solutions to fit all properties.

Commercial & Municipal Properties. Industrial Facilities & Factories. Computers & Server Facilities. Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens. Medical Facilities & Hospitals.

A-1 Fire & Security: Protecting lives and commercial property, everyday.

Automated Commercial Alarm System Reports
Business owners have limited time. Make your task list easier with automated reports from our security system monitoring professionals.

See reports on your camera activity, access logs, keypad entries, and more.

A-1 Fire & Security will also update you on your property’s activites and notify you proactively when it’s time to schedule maintenance or inspections.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
More eyes watching your property means better loss prevention, fewer damages, and quicker responses during emergencies.

The best in Texas security alarm monitoring from the best security monitoring companies and manufactuers: A-1 Fire & Security.

UL Central Station Monitoring

When you head home, we’ll be your watchdogs

24/7/365 UL alarm monitoring is the most complete method to secure your property. A-1 Fire & Security offers the best local UL alarm monitoring available.

Certified Professionals
Our security team is highly trained and familiar with the exact equipment at your property. We monitor your system around the clock for alerts, as well as run remote testing to ensure proper function.

Local & Immediate
The A-1 Fire & Security UL Central Station Monitoring is located in central Texas. Our team members respond to an alert at every property within seconds, and analyze data in real time to initiate the proper security protocols.

Coded for Direct Response
Burglar alarm systems and all security equipment signals the UL Central Station Monitoring team using specific codes. Our team members see exactly what is occurring at your property, and exactly where, to relay the best information to local emergency response services.

Emergency Lights & Exit Lights

Exit Signs. Emergency Lighting. Industrial Fire Lights.

Don’t let anybody be left in the dark during an emergency.

A-1 Fire & Security carries a selection of the best indoor and outdoor emergency lighting available. Battery operated, our emergency lights, fire lights, and exit signs stay aglow.

Get a free inspection on your property’s “life safety” levels.


Save lives. Improve the safety standards of any building. Make it easy for people to get out during an emergency.

Top Names in Emergency Lighting and Supplies: Brooks Equipment and SpaceAge Electronics

For over 75 years, Brooks has been an industry leader in industrial lighting, exit signs, emergency back-up power, and more.

As leaders in the Life Safety Industry, SpaceAge Electronics offers a range of fire alarm signage as well as specialized products to protect the items you care about most:

  • Document Cabinets
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Hybrid Technology Surge Suppression

A-1 Fire & Security: our top priority is protecting you and your property.

Access Control Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Access Control for Any Business

Security is the top concern for any property owner. Some properties need to closely monitor who comes and goes.

Some properties have established access protocols for faculty and visitors.

Whatever the situation, A-1 Fire & Security works with top access control companies to offer solutions for your property.

Top names in access control and facility management.

Expandable systems from Northern Computer Access Control that grow with your property’s needs.

Award-winning, user-friendly software from DSX Access Control. Specially customized systems from Hirsch Access Control.

Keypads and Entry Cards
Install keypads on doors and gates. Customize codes for different authorization. Scan or swipe cards for no-touch entrance.

Telephone Entry
Allow visitors or building administrators to call and be remotely approved for access.

Interactive Entry
Multi-use LED touch screen technology for layered interactive, personalized security.

Physical Access Points
Exit bars, partitions, turn styles, and physical access structures to monitor and control every entrance.

Personal Biometric Access Control Systems
Top-level security based on sophisticated personal fingerprint or eye scans, or voice recognition.

Keep your business secure. Keep employees and guests safe. A-1 Fire & Security.

Top Commercial Security Services in Texas.

Community Focused. Serving Our Neighbors.

For over 50 years, A-1 Fire & Seurity has served our neighbors throughout central Texas. From our headquarters, we monitor fire and commercial burglar alarm systems for thousands of Texans.

Supporting Our Troops
We are proud to provide commercial security systems and services for active duty and veteran soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and reservists at a discounted rate.

Supporting Our Local Economy

A-1 Fire & Security is proud to support our local central Texas economy. By basing our commercial security systems UL Service Center on-site in central Texas, we have created hundreds of jobs. We are proud to employ the very best professionals from our area.

Protecting You and Your Property Is Our Top Priority Every Minute of the Day: A-1 Fire & Security.