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Best Killeen Commercial & Residential
Fire & Security Systems

Around The Clock Emergency Response

In Killeen, Texas and Neighboring Bell County
When an emergency happens, fast reactions save lives. Fire alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring available.

Home and commercial security systems. Panic buttons. Medical alerts. Automated monitoring to respond at the first sign of danger. A-1 Fire & Security: Top fire & security response service, 24-hours per day.

1 Year Warranty on Parts and Workmanship

Practicing Highest Standards, Every DayThere’s nothing like knowing your valuables are protected. All A-1 Fire & Security system installations and repairs in Killeen, Texas and beyond are covered by our 1 year highest-quality warranty. Both our parts and our team members’ work are covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

Military and Veterans Discount

For Killeen Businesses and Service MembersProud to serve our neighbors who serve our country. Discount for active duty, veteran, and reservist military service members of all branches. For commercial or residential systems and services. We Support Our Troops.

Fire Alarms for Homes and Businesses

Commercial Fire Alarms

Fully integrated and networked systems with customizable features, perfect for any industry or property.

Air sampling sensors. Alarms with lights and vocal prompts. Cloud-based reporting and alarm system information in real time.

The fastest way to alert anyone on your property of an emergency: a complete commercial fire alarm system from A-1 Fire & Security.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

The most security for any commercial property. Uninterrupted monitoring for the fastest emergency response. A real person initiates protocol within seconds. Industrial facilities and refineries.

Data storage and computer centers.Universities and chemical laboratories.Museums and archives.

Minimize damage and loss with round-the-clock alarm system monitoring.

A-1 Fire & Security fire alarm monitoring services: Killeen, Texas’ fire safety solution.

Home and commercial fire alarm systems in Killeen, Texas.

Install new systems or upgrade older ones.

Inspections for code enforcement or insurance.

Maintain top working conditions for equipment.

Test systems for performance under tough conditions. Top home and commercial fire alarm system services: A-1 Fire & Security.

Home Fire Alarms

Make your home smarter and safer. Mobile access. Remote monitoring and alerts. Smart alarms that communicate wirelessly. Smoke detectors, sensors, and residential fire alarm systems installation & maintenance throughout Killeen, TX.

Commercial & Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Top Fire Safety & Protection for Homes and Businesses

Water-based solutions for fire protection in every type of property. Business or residential. Advanced fire sprinkler system design, installation, monitoring, and testing.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Say good-bye to saturated properties and extra damage caused by commercial sprinkler systems. Today’s technology-enhanced systems have smart sprinklers on individual sensors.

Only get response where there’s an emergency. Contain and control fires without causing additional property damage.

Fire Hose & Hydrants

Part of a complete water-based fire protection system means having full access to a fire hydrant. On-site fire hose minimizes the delay before a response.

A-1 Fire & Security: Fire hose and hydrant parts and accessories to help prepare every Killeen, Texas property for any emergency.

Backflow Testing

Commercial sprinkler systems use highly pressurized water. Our technicians have specialty backflow testing certifications, to ensure your sprinkler system functions correctly.

Fire Protection

Top Commercial Fire Suppression & Fire Extinguishers

Every business benefits from fire protection systems. Fire suppression and fire extinguishers keep Killeen residents and property safe.

Fire extinguishers and cabinets. Monitoring equipment. Alarms. Vocal evacuation alarms.

Layers of protection. Thorough systems for any industry.

Create a Custom Fire Suppression Solution.

Safe and secure. Immediate response. For kitchens, laboratories, medical facilities, and more.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Water based fire suppressionGaseous fire suppressionChemical based fire suppression

Kitchen Fire Suppression SystemsSpecialized commercial kitchen suppression creates “fire-free zones.”

Clean Agent Fire SuppressionTop protection for computers and industrial technology.

Fire Extinguishers

One of the most protective investments any business can make. All materials. All fire Classes.

Fire extinguisher recharge and training classes available.Offering Killeen, Texas top options for extinguishers, suppression, and full fire protection: A-1 Fire & Security.

Controlled Access, Gates, Keypads and Cards

Keep control over who comes and goes to your property.

Keypads and keycards.Wireless remotes.Access gates for cars and pedestrians.

A-1 Fire & Security: helping Killeen businesses and homes protect themselves, every day.

Highest Security Protection

For the highest levels of security clearance, enhanced biometric security systems. When it comes to your security system, don’t go for less than the best: A-1 Fire & Security.

Commercial & Home Security Systems

Security systems protect property from theft, damages, and intrusion. Customize a residential or commercial security system for the perfect level of security for you.

Security System Cameras

Indoor and outdoor camera equipment for businesses and residences.Top names designed to withstand weather conditions.Motion sensors or uninterrupted monitoring.Discrete or obvious cameras to announce your onsite security.

Smart Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor

Wireless lighting that you can adjust from an app.

Wireless Door and Window Locks

Smart doors and windows you can lock or unlock from anywhere.

Proud To Keep Killeen Safe

For over 50 years, A-1 Fire & Security has been helping to protect our neighbors around central Texas.

Licensed. Trained. Experienced. NICET certified technicians. Decades of experience. Top insurance coverage for every member of our team. A-1 Fire & Security: Safe, highly-qualified fire and security professionals in Killeen, Texas.