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Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarms. Home Fire Alarms. Fire Alarm Monitoring.

Protection and Security for Every Building

That’s the promise with top residential or commercial fire alarm systems from A-1 Fire & Security.

Innovative solutions addressing fire hazards and property concerns.

Protection for your home. Security for your business. Unequal peace of mind.

Serving all of central Texas with local fire alarm services: A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Alarm Services: Installation, Testing, Inspection, Maintenance

Offering a fire alarm service for all residential and commercial alarms.

Fire Alarm Installation to install an alarm system for the first time, or to retro-fit and upgrade an existing system.

Fire Alarm Testing to identify system concerns and ensure best performance.

Fire Alarm Inspection to certify compliance with federal, state, local, and insurance requirements.

Fire Alarm Maintenance to repair, replace, upgrade, and sustain your system.

We also perform “fire drills” for businesses, schools, universities, and municipal buildings to test fire system safety.

A full service fire alarm company for your central Texas home or business: A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Alarm Systems of Tomorrow, Available Today

Always have access to your alarms. Manage any situation remotely. Freedom to move, top protection no matter where you go.

A-1 Fire & Security installs and maintains the most advanced smart fire alarm systems.

  • Networked response systems for targeted and direct action.
  • Cloud-based reporting in real-time from award-winning graphics software.

See all equipment. Graph and chart data to make decisions. From on-site or anywhere.

Around The Clock Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

24/7/365 — nonstop protection of your business or residential properties. Required by Texas and federal law for some facilities, the best protection available for anyone.

Immediate Emergency Response

Directly linked to our local UL Central Monitoring facilities. We monitor 24/7 to alert the local fire department when needed. Smart fire alarms get help there, immediately.

Coded alerts tells response personnel about the fire or emergency. Clear navigation leads firefighters directly to where the alarm sounded.

21st Century Property Protection for All Property Types

A-1 Fire & Security is proud to serve a range of building types and facilities throughout central Texas.

Residential, home fire alarm systems are critical to keeping our community members, our neighbors, safe.

Commercial fire alarm systems that protect and serve the backbone industries of communities throughout central Texas, including:

  • Medical facilities and hospitals
  • Educational and university buildings
  • Laboratories and chemical production plants
  • Government and municipal buildings
  • Sports complexes and community centers
  • Office buildings, retail, restaurants

A-1 Fire & Security offers nothing but the best.

Not Your Granddad’s Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Intelligent Fire Alarms. Engineered Protection. Premium Security.

A-1 Fire & Security offers a range of intelligent fire alarm systems with the most innovative fire protection services.

Instant Response. Air Sample Monitoring. Mobile Accessibility. And More.

Smart Fire Detection Systems

Detection sensors that use air sampling to monitor safety.

Alarm and Alert Options

Automated vocal evacuation alarms. Alarms at varying frequencies and intensities.

Technology to protect people and property around the clock: fire alarm systems from A-1 Fire & Security.

Smart Control Panels

Centrally localized control stations for multiple buildings, addresses, and system types.

Constant Contact and Data Management

Using IP-based and wireless technology, fire alarm systems are networked to share information. Alarm systems self-alert, backup data, and maintain constant contact to initiate response activity and alerts within seconds.

Go Mobile. Monitor and Respond From Anywhere.

Cloud-Based Fire System Access

The most accessible alarm systems, offering online report databases.

Real Time Intervention

Smoke control and emergency response options allow remote override of air handling equipment, fire response technology, and all of your emergency management system.

Real Time Information

Detailed, high-definition graphics to monitor and report on your equipment. In real time. From your mobile device.

Expandable and Modifiable Fire Alarm Systems

Change and update your fire alarm system as needed. For new construction, expansion, remodeling, and upgrades.

A-1 Fire & Security: fire alarm systems that grow with you. A fire alarm company that stays with you.

Industry Leaders in All Fire Alarm Types

Best Fire Alarm Company. Best Fire Alarm Services.

Cutting-edge industry technology from internationally recognized fire alarm companies.

Fike Fire Alarms

A-1 Fire & Security installs and maintains Fike Ship-Pro and Signifire systems.

Alarm and monitoring systems for explosion protection and pressure monitoring and response.

Mircom Fire Alarm Systems

Fire, smoke, and intrusion solutions to protect people and eliminate property loss.

Silent Knight Fire Alarm Systems

Simple. Smart. Reliable.

Silent Knight by Honeywell offers a selection of outstanding fire alarm control panels and integrated systems.

Intelliknight fire alarm control panels: intelligent communications to monitor your entire system from one central control and access point.

Notifier Fire Alarm Panels & Integrated Systems

Featuring the Notifier Onyx and FireWarden alarm systems.

Notifier FirstVision: Firefighters quickly locate and extinguish fires with this touchscreen graphic navigational tool.

Best Wire & Cable

Highest quality low-voltage wires for all capacities. Your alarm needs the best technology to operate.

Advanced smoke detection and wireless technology for properties of all sizes.

Home Fire Alarm Systems

Designs to Secure Any Home

A-1 Fire & Security offers a range of fire alarm services for all residential properties.

From historic properties to family estates. Multi-family housing, apartments, and condos. Long-term medical care residences. University student housing.

Best home fire alarm services of today using the technology of tomorrow.

Top protection from trusted brands

Featuring: Notifier by Honeywell and Mircom. Sophisticated home fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Safest Option. Highest Level Protection.

For nonstop live monitoring. For intervention and reaction within seconds. Professional fire alarm monitoring companies provide a peace of mind not available anywhere else.

Uninterrupted Monitoring of your entire system.
Professional Testing automated on a regular schedule.
Fastest Response and most efficient procedures.

You can’t be there every moment. A-1 Fire & Security commercial fire alarm monitoring services ensure that someone will.

Combining The Best Elements

Commercial fire alarm monitoring combines the highest quality fire alarm and protection systems with the constant involvement of a real, local person from our UL Central Station in Waco, Texas.

Certified fire safety professionals read alarm system data and determine individual and combined risk factors, then respond based on established protocols, in real time.

Experienced and trained technicians, knowledgeable about your property, about your specific fire protection equipment.

Local. Professional. Security.

A-1 Fire Alarm & Monitoring. Serving Central Texas.

For over 50 years, A-1 Fire & Security has been serving the all central Texas communities.

Licensed and Insured.
With the best training and full understanding of our industry, we’re prepared for every home and commercial building type.

NICET levels I – IV certified technicians.

24-Hour Emergency Response
After a system activation, our monitored call center answers your call 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

We Warranty Our Work
We are confident in the job we perform. We warranty all parts and workmanship for 1 year after any installation, repair, or upgrades.

Top fire alarm systems. Unbeatable fire alarm services. Proud to serve central Texas. A-1 Fire & Security.