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Best Home & Commercial Fire & Security Team in Central Texas

Since 1965, A-1 Fire & Security has been serving our neighbors throughout central Texas.

We are family-owned and operated. Our team is made of local professionals and certified experts.

From our headquarters in Waco, Texas, we serve all the surrounding areas of central Texas.

We support our troops. We serve those who serve others.

Commercial fire protection and alarms. Home business security systems. We do it all to keep our communities safer.

A-1 Fire & Security’s Mission: To Protect You And Your Belongings, Every Day

Specialized State & National Training for Top Services

NICET Master Fire & Security Service Technicians

For over 50 years, the best place in the country to be trained in property protective technologies is the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET).

NICET offers four levels of national certifications. Technicians train in the classroom and on the jobsite for four years before reaching Level I. All Levels must pass extensive exams.

All A-1 Fire & Security service technicians are NICET certified, Levels II – IV.

Many of our team members have received additional certifications and specializations to better serve all our clients throughout central Texas.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification
Supervised by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, all technicians who install, repair, and maintain backflow assemblies receive this specialized training and certification.

State Certifications for Security Systems
Supervised by the Texas Departent of Public Safety, all security system installers and technicians undergo extensive training to receive this specialized expertise.

Data/Comm Technician Certifications

Today’s fire and security systems require advanced computer technology that works under the most extreme conditions.

A-1 Fire & Security data/communications technicians receive frequently updated training in wired & wireless technology maintenance, as well as data flow management, backup, and security.

Fire Protection Engineer Consultations

The most sophisticated and intricate fire protection systems, fire sprinklers, and fire alarm systems require the advanced knowledge of a specialized Fire Protection Engineer.

Many municipal buildings require highest level design standards for top-level security. Many facilities’ insurance requirements demand the involvement of an expert engineer.

A-1 Fire & Security offers consultations from Fire Protection Engineers for the most rigorous system designs.

We Love Protecting Our Community

A-1 Fire & Security is proud to offer services throughout central Texas. Our committment is to making our communities better.

Our Outstanding Service Includes:

Live, 24-Hour Central Service Center in Texas

  • Free Evaluations
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Military Discount

Friendly technicians serving our communities. A family owned business in central Texas, employing local professionals who are dedicated to serving others.

This is who we are: A-1 Fire & Security.

Nationally Recognized Network of Fire Safety Experts

Associated with the Best in the USA

A-1 Fire & Security is proud to be a member of:

National Fire Protection Agency
Texas Fire Alarm Association (TFAA)
Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (TBFAA)