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Fire Protection and Security Professionals

Licensed. Certified. Insured. Experienced.
At A-1 Fire & Security, our top priority and goal is to protect you and your property.

NICET-certified technicians. Trained, tested, experienced.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Throughout Temple and All of Central Texas
During an emergency, there’s no time to lose. Monitored, automated fire alarm systems or security systems directly connect to local first responders. Never lose precious moments.

A-1 Fire & Security offers round-the-clock phone service. After an emergency or when you have questions, call us anytime.

Outstanding 1 Year Warranty

We guarantee parts and labor on every part of your fire protection and security system.

All our clients in Temple and beyond enjoy our 1 year warranty.

Military and Veteran Discount

Thank you, service members. A-1 Fire & Security offers a discount to active duty and military personnel. For commercial and residential services.

Fire Alarms

The most outstanding selection of home and commercial fire alarm systems in Temple, Texas.

Innovative engineering from top trusted brands:

Fike Fire Alarms and Control Panels
Silent Knight Fire Alarm
Notifier Fire Alarm Systems

A-1 Fire & Security installs, inspects, maintains, and tests fire alarm systems.

Home Fire Alarms

Today’s residential fire alarms are sophisticated, networked devices that make your home smarter and safer.

Mobile Access to Control & Respond
Monitor, adjust, and respond to your home fire alarm system remotely from your tablet or mobile device.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Fully integrated, self-monitoring commercial fire alarm systems.
Cutting-edge technology for the safest solutions: A-1 Fire & Safety.

Fully Networked Alarm System
Wireless sensors and alarms. Direct links to the UL Central Monitoring Station.

Cloud-Based Reporting
Award-winning software shows equipment data in real time.

Remote Access and Response
Access system controls and adjust fire system and HVAC responses.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

The most security for any commercial property.

  • Industrial facilities and refineries.
  • Data storage and computer centers.
  • Universities and chemical laboratories.
  • Museums and archives.

Uninterrupted monitoring from professionals

Experts who know your equipment, property, and hazard risks.
Thorough response. Execute emergency procedures within seconds.

A-1 Fire & Security fire alarm monitoring services: Temple, Texas’ fire safety solution.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire Suppression. Fire Extinguishers. Hoses and Cabinets.

Top commercial fire protection systems for all industries. Best fire suppression and fire extinguishers in Temple, Texas.

Ansul and Fike Fire Protection Systems Multiple layers of protection. Full systems to protect people and property.

The best fire protection systems throughout central Texas: A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Suppression Systems

Customizable for your business needs. Monitored. Automated. Advanced Response. Environmentally Friendly. Safe.

Fire Suppression System Options Water based. Gaseous. Chemical based.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Top Vent a Hood and restaurant fire suppression.

Tech-Focused Fire Suppression Clean agent fire suppression protects electronics, computers, and specialized technology.

Fire Extinguishers

Variety of sizes and materials. Top fire extinguishers for all Classes of fire.

Fire Class Training: Train employees, contractors, and personnel to react in an emergency. Corporate and private fire class training.

Serving Temple, Texas with the best fire suppression and protection systems: A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Water-based fire protection. For businesses and homes. Fire sprinkler systems to contain damage and minimize repairs.

Automated. Monitored. Remote Access.

The most sophisticated fire sprinkler technology.

  • Manage and update from a central panel or your mobile device.
  • Individual sprinkler head response.
  • Coded communication tells where and why the system is activated.

Fire Hose and Hydrant Parts and Accessories

Top names in fire hoses, protection that reaches wherever you need it.

The toughest, most reliable fire hoses and parts: A-1 Fire & Security.

Backflow Testing

Fire sprinkler systems are engineered to withstand pressure. Backflow testing manages pressure correctly, preventing damage to sprinklers.

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security system solutions to protect every property, 24-hours per day. Networked, monitored, enhanced security features use innovative technology to keep you and your property safe.

Get a customized commercial security system for any industry, any emergency, and total protection: A-1 Fire & Security.

Smart Door and Window Security
Networked technology with remote access and control features.

Hardwired or Wireless
Be prepared for any emergency with fail-safe security systems.

Customized to Industry Needs
Every business needs the right protection. Customize your system to suit your property’s needs.

Home Security Systems

Protection for Your Castle

Top security and peace of mind. Your home is your castle; protect it like one.

Smart Doors and Locks
Wireless home security system network locks up using an app.

Door Keypads and Access Control
Use keypads for entrance and exit. Customized codes. Detailed, automatic records.

Home Security Cameras
View all areas of your property at once. Remote, cloud-based footage backup and storage. Indoor and outdoor camera systems.

Protect your personal Temple, Texas castle with a residential security system from A-1 Fire & Security.

CCTV Security Systems

There’s nothing like closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems.

Customize Your CCTV
Program for uninterrupted, motion sensor activated, or scheduled monitoring.

Cloud-Based Storage
View footage in real time from safe, cloud-based access. Automatic back-ups and storage.

Always have an eye on what matters most.

UL Central Station Monitoring

24/7 security system monitoring. Our UL Central Monitoring Facility is based in central Texas – a short distance from Temple. Local professionals monitor and respond to emergencies around the clock.

Panic Alarms

Some businesses need automatic emergency response at the touch of a button. Commercial emergency alert buttons, or “panic alarm buttons,” save lives.

  • Banks and Pawn Shops
  • High-Value Retail Outlets
  • Medical Facilities
  • Long-Term Assisted Living Facilities

Get help when you need it with a complete security alarm system, including a fail-safe panic alarm.

Emergency Lights

When your property loses power, don’t be left in the dark.

Exit lights. Fire lighting. Emergency power.

A top selection of emergency fire and security lights.

Access Control Systems

When your property needs controlled access.
Access gates. Keycards and fobs. Door locks with keypads. Turn styles and exit bars.

Highest-Level Commercial Security
For highly restricted areas, A-1 Fire & Security installs and maintains advanced biometric security systems from Tri-Ed.

Putting safety first, before all else: A-1 Fire & Security.

Serving Temple, Texas and Beyond

Fire. Security. Alarms. Protection.

For over 50 years, A-1 Fire & Security has been helping to keep businesses and homes around Temple, Texas safer from theft and damage.