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Over 50 Years in Central Texas. Countless Lives Saved.
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Security Feels Like Nothing Else

Fire Alarms. Sprinkler Systems. Commercial Security Camera Systems. Closed Circuit Television. Fire Extinguishers.

For all residential and commercial property protection services and solutions: A-1 Fire & Security.

Throughout Central Texas

Saving lives, protecting property, securing futures. It’s what we do everyday at A-1 Fire & Security systems.

We are proud to serve all of central Texas.

Emergency Response 24-Hours Per Day

Direct connection of home and business’ fire and security camera systems to our UL Central Monitoring station and the closest emergency personnel.

Warranty on Equipment and Workmanship

We guarantee parts and workmanship for the first year after installation or repair from an A-1 Fire & Security team member.

Secure Wireless and Remote System Access

Fire and security protection systems including real-time updates and monitoring. Remote system reports database. Use your mobile device to manage emergency and non-emergency system commands.

Routine & Special Inspections

New construction. Building upgrades. Routine permits and licensing. Insurance requirements. Whatever the reason, A-1 Fire & Security inspects and maintains your system.

Free Quote

Complimentary quote for system installation, upgrade, or repair. Learn your options to retro-fit and update an existing system.

Military Discount

As our way of saying “Thank You” to men and women who serve in any branch of the US military, military reserves, or Coast Guard, A-1 Fire & Security offers a discount on all fire and security equipment and services.

Fire Alarm Systems for Every Industry

Every business needs fire protection.

A-1 Fire & Security: the best commercial fire alarm selection for any industry:

Industrial Factories
Data Storage
Office Buildings
Municipal Facilities

Saving lives. Preventing loss. Serving Texas businesses.

Sophisticated Fire Detection Systems For Tomorrow

Innovative engineering and tech-savvy solutions that grow with your business.

Smart Detection Sensor Systems
Automated detection sensors that monitor temperature and air samples for immediate alerts.

Enhanced Control Panels
Central control panels monitor and respond to multiple locations. Coded alerts tell the fire department exactly what type of alarm, and exactly where.

Options for Evacuation Alarms & Alerts
Vocal evacuation instructions in multiple languages. Alarms with flashing lights and customized alerts.

Mobile Access for Immediate Response
Access emergency response to see real-time equipment data. Control some system features from anywhere.

Expand Your Alert System
Growing business need more protection. For renovated or upgraded buildings, modify your A-1 Fire & Security alarm systems.

Fire Alarm System Services

A-1 Fire & Security offers a range of services for fire alarm systems.

Installation of new and upgraded alarm systems.
Alarm Inspection for construction or insurance.
Fire Alarm Testing, including commercial and school fire drills.
Maintenance schedule, to ensure top performance.

Nationally certified professionals ready to help, every day. That’s the protection that comes with top fire alarm company service.

Industry Leaders. Trusted Customer Favorites. Award-Winning Engineering.

A-1 Fire & Security offers the top names in fire alarms:

  • Mircom
  • Notifier
  • Silent Knight
  • Fike

A range to suit every industry and building. Reputations built on integrity and results. Only the best commercial fire alarm systems at A-1 Fire & Security.

Unbeatable. Uninterrupted. Protection.

When your business shuts down for the day, your fire alarm monitoring doesn’t.

Trusted, knowledgeable professionals to ensure any system alerts are answered immediately.

Direct connection to the central A-1 Fire & Security UL Monitoring Center. Dispatchers initiate response protocol in seconds, based on custom alarm codes.

No faster way to alert the fire department. No better security for any industry.

Smart Systems for Safer Properties

Today’s fire alarm systems offer innovative protection solutions.

Networked Sensors
Fully integrated systems use multiple detection methods and alerts.

Mobile Reporting
Access equipment performance data and reports in real time remotely.

Commercial fire alarm monitoring makes people and property safer: A-1 Fire & Security.

Best Water-Based Protection. Fastest Response. Control Your Environment.

A-1 Fire & Security installs, maintains, services, repairs, tests, and upgrades water-based fire sprinkler systems from the most trusted names in the industry.

Reliable Automatic Sprinklers. Tyco International. Brooks Equipment.

Commercial fire sprinklers to meet your building’s needs. The right fire protection with the right specialized design.

Designed to Meet Industrial Specifications

Customize your sprinkler system options to protect every inch of your building.

  • Ceiling or wall-mounted nozzles
  • Pressurized for densely packed materials
  • High-ceilings or historic architecture
  • Industrial machinery
  • Restaurant and food service equipment

Install fewer sprinkler heads while receiving maximum coverage and protection.

Engineered to Surpass Government & Insurance Specifications

The A-1 Fire & Security team designs and installs fire sprinklers for schools, hospitals, university property, commercial offices, industrial factories, warehouses, and more.

When you need to take the highest measures in designing your fire sprinkler system, we bring in our Fire Protection Engineer to consult and get the right design.

Beautiful Sprinkler System Design Elements or Discrete and Concealed

Form follows function. While safety is always top concern, our suppliers offer options to enhance any building’s aesthetics. Quick response concealed sprinklers offer protection and style.

Fire Hose & Fire Hydrants. Parts & Accessories.

A-1 Fire & Security offers top fire hose and hydrant parts and accessories.

Fire Hose
Rubber-covered, single & double-jacket, and more.

Polycarbonate, brass, and more.

Hydrant valves, angle hose valves, and more.

Get the right fire hose to complete your system. Have professionals to install, repair, and test it. Be sure that every part of your fire sprinkler system is prepared for an emergency.

A-1 Fire & Security: For peace of mind, every day.

Fastest Response. Waster-Based.
App Accessible.

Every year, fire damage costs Texans millions of dollars.

A-1 Fire & Security installs, maintains, and monitors residential fire sprinklers.

  • Properties with multiple buildings.
  • Apartments, townhomes, and student housing.
  • Historical residences with modern features.

Protecting homes. Saving lives. Keeping loved ones safe.

Backflow Testing

Get safety assurance with a sprinkler
backflow preventer.

Pressurized water systems are sensitive. If you have a sprinkler system in your building, you need an experienced backflow testing professional to check and maintain the pressure in your sprinkler system.

Backflow pressure can damage the sensors in your sprinkler system, causing faulty equipment.

Backflow can contaminate or corrupt the water in your sprinkler system, causing unexpected complications.

Backflow testing is done by professionals licensed by the state of Texas. A-1 Fire & Security backflow testers have decades of experience and hands-on training.

Reduce Risks and Manage Emergencies

Fire protection systems for commercial properties from innovative industry leaders.

Save lives. Protect your property. Reduce your liability.

Automated fire suppression for immediate emergency response. Direct fire department connections. Fire extinguishers to address all Class fires.

A-1 Fire & Security: we install, maintain, repair, inspect, and service.

Serving all central Texas communities.

Option Combinations Tailored to Every Business

Tailor your suppression system and fire extinguishers to address the needs of your architecture and business.

Equipment designed to create “fire-free zones” during an emergency.

Advanced sensor technology for immediate reaction and evacuation.

Safest systems for people, property, and the environment available from A-1 Fire & Security.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets. Fire Hoses. Automated Monitoring.

Today’s fire protection systems are built on multiple layers of protection. We offer a range of products to create a customized, thorough approach to managing your fire risks.

Fire Protection Systems for Every Industry

From high hazards to high asset values, each business has its own considerations.

A-1 Fire & Security technicians customize a protection system for the needs of any industry:

  • Medical facilities & hospitals
  • Restaurants & commercial kitchens
  • Computer & data centers
  • Laboratories & libraries

Get the safest, most reliable Vent a Hood ventilation systems, designed to suppress fires safely and efficiently.

A-1 Fire & Security offers fire protection options from industry leaders Ansul and Fike fire protection.

Fire Protection Class Training

Offering on-site corporate and private fire class training for employees, contractors, crew members, investors, project managers, and anyone you want trained.

Ensure that your team knows about the features of your fire suppression systems and proper fire extinguisher use.

We train your team because we care about people’s safety. Knowledge is power and saves lives: A-1 Fire & Security.

Automatic Reaction Doesn’t Damage Your Property

For today’s commercial property needs, fire suppression systems are designed to be self-monitoring and minimally damaging.

Fire suppression systems tailored to your business’ fire hazards. Customize every room.

Industry-leading names in commercial fire suppression:

  • Ansul
  • Fike
  • Vent a Hood

A-1 Fire & Security offers a range of fire suppression systems in the best materials to address all Classes of fire hazards.

  • Water based fire suppression.
  • Gaseous fire suppression.
  • Chemical based fire suppression.

Detailed and thorough. Increase your safety, minimize loss in an emergency with a commercial fire suppression system.

Regularly Scheduled Suppression System Inspections

Fire suppression systems offer immediate response. Regular maintenance certifies their readiness in case of any emergency.

Routine inspections ensure your fire suppression system is safe and protects your property. A-1 Fire & Security offers routine inspection and maintenance to all clients throughout central Texas.

Safe Fire Suppression Systems for Computers, Servers, and Industrial Technology

Clean agent fire suppression systems are designed to do minimal short and long-term damage to computerized equipment, technology, and the environment.

Top Industrial Kitchen and Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

With a Vent a Hood commercial kitchen vent system and a custom kitchen fire suppression systems, keep employees and property safe with “fire-free zones.”

Halon System Maintenance and Upgrades

For years, the fire suppression industry used halon systems to control and mitigate fire damages. Although halon is no longer used in new construction, many properties still have halon systems.

A-1 Fire & Security provides maintenance and repair to halon fire suppression systems.

Considering an upgrade? Free Evaluation
A-1 Fire & Security technicians perform free evaluations of your property’s halon fire suppression system. Consultations available to discuss options to modernize to an environmentally-friendly fire suppression system.

Fire Extinguishers

Be Prepared Everywhere

Texas fire safety code requires fire extinguishers in all public and commercial buildings. Each property has unique fire hazards and risks and needs a unique protection plan.

For every property’s needs, A-1 Fire & Security carries a selection of fire extinguishers from top Made in the USA manufacturers like, Ansul, Fike, Amerex, Badger, and Buckeye.

Hand-Held Help in Every Situation

Fire extinguishers appropriate to contain Class A, Class B, or Class C fires.

Fire extinguisher cabinets to fit large or compact extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher refill and recharge available on-site from our mobile inspection and recharging unit.

Home Security Camera Systems

Alarms, Cameras, Networked Wall-to-Wall Security

Every home deserves protection.

A-1 Fire & Security offers solutions to protect every house, apartment, multi-family residence, and dormitory.

Wired and wireless options let you create the residential security system that’s right for you.

Top Names in Home Security Systems

A-1 Fire & Security offers selections from award-winning security engineers.

Radionics. DSC. NAPCO.

Industry-leading brands with tech-savvy solutions. Apps to monitor alarm activity and camera footage remotely, anytime.

Home Security Alarm Systems

Today’s smart home alarm systems give you full control over your property’s security.

Arm and disarm alarm at your convenience. Set schedule for smart home security features.

A-1 Fire & Security: protecting central Texas homes and families.

Home Security Camera Systems

Indoor and outdoor cameras engineered to withstand environmental conditions.

Protect multiple buildings on one property or at multiple addresses.
On-site and remote footage backup for securest data protection.

For single family houses, common areas of multiple family properties, assisted living facilities, and any residence.

Smart Doors, Windows, and Lighting

Wirelessly connected smart door and window locks that sense intrusion individually. Keep your home’s protective shield complete.

Interior and exterior motion sensor lighting. Smart, wirelessly connected, remote accessible.

24-Hour Emergency Response. Protection You Can Count On.

Uninterrupted residential security system monitoring. The top local home security monitoring from caring professionals.

A-1 Fire & Security: our central UL listed central Monitoring Station is based in Waco.

Watching out for our neighbors, looking out for our community. Protecting you and your property is our top priority.

At Your Convenience. At Your Command.

Customized home security monitoring systems. Use the app to arm and disarm your system on a schedule or by direct communication to our Central Monitoring Station.

Smart technology. Enhanced Protection. A-1 Fire & Security.

Medical Alert Systems

People with medical conditions need access to immediate emergency response.

A-1 Fire & Security offers a selection of top medical alert systems from industry leaders.

Wearable and wireless. Mounted and secure. Ultra-mobile key fob. Always on and monitored.

Get peace of mind. Get medical help, fast.

Security Alarms. Wireless Protection. Panic Alarms.

We install and maintain security alarm systems that protect everything important to you. Your property. Your business. The protection you need.

Protection Against: Intrusion, Theft, Damage

Many people think that business security systems are just burglar alarms, but today’s sophisticated alarm systems can be more. Your business’ safety concerns might range from public health issues to controlled access to restricted areas.

We focus on protecting your business in whatever way you need: A-1 Fire & Security.

Customized Commercial Security System

Business’ protection needs range from the physical to the technological. Every business deserves a custom system that protects what you need it to.

Wireless Technology for Networked Property Protection

Wireless alarm systems to protect every inch of your property with a monitored shield. Individually coded alarms identify the exact area and reason for the alarm to emergency personnel.

“Panic” Alarm Buttons

Uninterrupted monitoring. Response and assistance within seconds. Emergency alert systems – also known as “panic buttons” or “panic alarms” – connect your property with emergency response personnel without question or delay. Discrete and automatic.

CCTV Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television. Camera Security Systems for Businesses.

Security cameras offer a layer of protection like nothing else. Cameras are one of the most valuable pieces of commercial security equipment on the market today.

For loss prevention. For documentation. For emergencies.

A-1 Fire & Security offers the best selection of CCTV security systems in central Texas.

Customize Your System

Commercial security camera systems are versatile and expandable.

Indoor or Outdoor
Get innovative technology designed to stand up to weather conditions or industrial indoor environments.

Mobile Accessibility
Access your camera footage from encrypted, cloud-based storage.

Record When You Want
Customize to motion-sensor activated, scheduled, or uninterrupted monitoring.

Commercial Security Monitoring

Around the Clock Alarm System Monitoring

No alarm should go unheard.

Get peace of mind knowing someone watching out for your property, every moment.

After-hours call service and 24/7 security system monitoring: A-1 Fire & Security offers a range of commercial security monitoring to suit all businesses.

Experienced Professionals. Immediate Response.

All A-1 Fire & Security monitoring technicians are trained, experienced professionals who understand the different types of security systems they monitor.

They respond to events on your property in real time, initiating safety protocols within seconds. Get help for your property when you need it, without delay.

Local, Trained Professionals Offering Uninterrupted Assistance

Your personal watchdogs, A-1 Fire & Security personnel keep an eye on your property, 24-hours per day.

No matter who is at the property. Information you care about automatically stored and backed up on your schedule. Automated reports tell you access data, security risks and threats prevented.

For constant watch. A-1 service & protection from A-1 Fire & Security.

Supporting Central Texas Communities

Our local UL Monitoring Central Station is operated in central Texas, by Texas professionals who are trained in safety protocols for every industry.

Fire Emergency Lighting. Industrial Backup Lighting Power.

In an emergency situation, your top concern is safety. At A-1 Fire & Security, our top concern is protecting you and your property.

That’s why we offer a selection of the leading emergency lighting and exit signs, fire alarm lighting and signage, and other standards of the Life Safety Industry.

Brooks Equipment and SpaceAge Electronics: industry leaders, never leaving any of your customers or clients in the dark.

Low and high-intensity lighting. Indoors and outdoors. Mount to floors, ceilings, doorways, windows. Signage and emergency lights for every type industry and building.

Access Control Systems

Keypads, Cards, Gates, and Phone Activated Access. Biometric Access Control Systems.

Keep properties secure by limiting who can gain access, when, and to what areas. A-1 Fire & Security installs and maintains access control systems for all levels of security.

Approve, monitor, and limit visitors. Restrict access. Customize codes. Programmable functions that can be controlled from remote locations.

Schedule automated reports and lock down any area of your property immediately.

The access control systems offered at A-1 Fire & Security give you exactly the kind of accessibility to your property that you need

Advanced, Highest Level Security: Biometric Access Control Systems

Nothing is more customized than a security system based on someone’s unique biological identifiers.

A-1 Fire & Security offers a selection of the best business security systems that include biometrics like fingerprint or retinal scans, or vocal recognition software.

Award Winning.
Association Members.
Fire & Security Industry Leaders.

Serving All of Central Texas From Our Local Headquarters

A-1 Fire & Security are members of:

  • National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
  • Texas Fire Alarm Association
  • Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association

Serving your property’s needs. Protecting our community members and future. Fire and safety experts. Caring professionals. A-1 Fire & Security.