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Your home is your castle. Give it the best defense.

A-1 Fire & Security offers homeowners the best home security camera systems and options for property protection.

  • 24-hour per day home security monitoring
  • Fail-safe medical alert systems
  • Wireless home security camera systems

Protection from Day 1 with A-1 Fire & Security. Based locally, serving all of central Texas.

Upgraded Home Security Alarm Systems

Easy, Manageable, Convenient Residential Security Systems

Homeowners know: there’s nothing better than trusting your home security.

Home burglar alarm systems protect you when you’re home, and when you’re not.

Disable/Enable At Will
Set a schedule, use an app, or connect directly with our call center to turn your system on and off.

Call For Help
24-7 monitoring available. Enable your security system and an alert will immediately trigger a response.

Mobile Accessibility
Mobile device & app based monitoring options. Whether you are at the property or off of it, have complete control.

Automated Reports
Receive automatic reports on system activity, or access your records to see activity in real time.

A-1 Fire & Security: bringing the best home security alarm companies to every home in Texas.

Trusted Brands. Innovative Tech. Dependable Solutions.

A-1 Fire & Security carries a wide selection from industry leading home security alarm companies.

World-wide leaders in technology engineering and tamper-proof security. Home security panels, smart window and door locks, wirelessly networked home security camera system, and more.

Interactive security solutions for both hardwired and wireless systems. Manage smart lighting and home security features from touch screen panels and remote apps.

World renowned Gemini Wireless Transmitters and NAPCO security system panels. Fully integrated home burglar alarm systems. Award-winning experts in wireless protection technology.

SpaceAge Electronics. ADI by Honeywell. Tough Dog Cameras.

A-1 Fire & Security: saving lives, protecting people, the best residential security systems.

Residential Security Systems for Every Home

Alarms and Home Camera Systems. Window and Door Locks. Smart Lighting.

Home security is about more than alarms: it is about protection.

A-1 Fire & Security: Home security and camera systems that provide solutions for every property.

Home Security Alarm Systems

Customize your home’s burglar alarm. Create a system of defense with layers of protection that is right for you and your family.

Mounted Wall Control Panels Hardwired and wireless control panels mounted at a central location. Customize multiple codes.

Mobile Control Panel Access Wirelessly access security system control features remotely in an emergency.

Mobile Alerts & Real Time Reports Receive alerts and system updates on your mobile device. Get activity reports in real time.

Smart Windows, Doors, Lights, and More

A-1 Fire & Security offers solutions to make properties safer at every level.

Window and Door Locks Wireless smart window and door locks for the whole property, each with an individual alarm.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Motion-sensor activated lighting for inside and outside your home. Driveway and walkway security lighting.

Home Security Camera Systems

Home camera systems monitor and document the events at your property. Another layer of protection, a home security camera system today offers more than ever before.

Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Camera Systems Indoor and outdoor home security camera systems with wireless backup on and off-site. Engineered for wind and weather. Motion detector, light sensitive, or uninterrupted monitoring.

Cloud-Based Viewing Secure, individually accessible security footage you can watch from anywhere.

Multiple-Building and Location Networking Centralize controls for multiple buildings. Install security to detached sheds, garages, barns, pool areas, boat docks, storage, and more. Wirelessly networked home camera systems keep an eye on your whole property.

Cameras for Rental Properties As owner of a rental property, protect your investment with home security camera systems.

Elevators, common areas and hallways, building entrances and parking. Rental properties protect residents better with cameras.

A selection of the best home alarm companies throughout central Texas.

Home Monitoring System

Home Security Monitoring. Burglar Alarm Monitoring.

What good is an alarm if no one hears it when it goes off? With 24/7 home alarm monitoring, someone will always hear.

Protect you home. Protect your loved ones. Protect your life.

Call or click to activate: top home security monitoring from the best local burglar alarm companies: A-1 Fire & Security.

Live Home Alarm Monitoring Center Based in Central Texas

When your system is activated, our UL listed facility responds within seconds to any system alert. Our certified, experienced home security monitoring professionals initiate protocols to alert emergency services, if necessary. There’s no time for delay.

Get a home monitoring system with record response times, every time.

Caring and trained professionals looking out for you: A-1 Fire & Security.

Alert Systems

Technology to help people who need it most

People with medical conditions may need immediate assistance.

In your home and throughout your property, a medical alert system makes it easy for someone with a medical condition to call for help.

A-1 Fire & Security medical alert systems cannot be disabled and monitor for distress calls 24/7/365. Our local UL Central Call Station in central Texas dispatches emergency response teams immediately.

Medical Alert Systems from NAPCO
Mountable alerts for stationary buttons hard-wired into your home.

Wearable medical alert buttons wirelessly connected at all times. Available as a neck or wrist band, or as a key fob.

A-1 Fire & Security: Serving every home security need.

Home Security in Texas
is Our Top Concern

Locally Owned and Operated. Keeping Residents Safe.

With over 50 years in business, installing and monitoring the best home security systems available to homes throughout central Texas.

Nationally Certified, State Licensed Professionals
We’ve earned our reputation as one of the best local burglar alarm companies.

All A-1 Fire & Security home security alarm system technicians are NICET certified and licensed by the state of Texas for home security alarm technology.

Our top concern is protecting our clients: A-1 Fire & Security.