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Fire Sprinkler Systems Service Unlike Any Other

There’s nothing like immediate response. The right fire sprinkler system design helps every property immediately defend itself against danger.

A-1 Fire & Security: Top fire sprinkler systems and service in central Texas over 50 years.

  • Commercial fire sprinkler inspections.
  • Residential fire sprinklers installation.
  • Repair and service on fire hose, hydrants, parts, and accessories.
  • Backflow testing, maintenance, upgrades, and inspections.
  • Install, repair, upgrade, and maintain with a fire sprinkler company you can trust.

Unstoppable Emergency Service

A-1 Fire & Security responds to emergencies around-the-clock. Anytime you need help, someone at our call center will answer.

24-Hour System Monitoring

From our local Texas, UL Central Monitoring Station, A-1 Fire & Security keeps an eye out at all times.

Licensed and Insured

Certified Fire Safety Professionals
Nationally (NICET) certified technicians with years of experience in fire technology engineering.

New Construction Inspections
Design, install, inspect, and approve fire sprinkler systems for new construction.

Highest Standards
Get approval on designs that meet the highest governmental and insurance standards for fire sprinkler companies.

Fire Protection Engineer Constultants
Fire Protection Engineer consultations available for commercial, municipal, and industrial sprinkler system design

A-1 Fire & Security: Superior fire sprinkler system repair and care.

Serving our neighbors. Proud to be part of our community.

Our A-1 priority is keeping you and your property safe.

Fire Sprinkler System Design and Supplies

For Commercial or Residential

A-1 Fire & Security is experienced and prepared to install, maintain, and repair fire sprinklers in industrial buildings, commercial sites, residences, churches, medical facilities, and more.

What Makes The “Best” Fire Sprinkler System Design?

Every building is different and has its own needs. Our technicians consider various factors and options, depending on your property.

Quick Response Commercial and residential fire sprinklers should act fast to save lives. Customizable pressure from sprinkler heads should eliminate the danger effectively.

Smart Sprinkler Systems Multiple networked sensors. Individual control of sprinkler heads. Mobile accessibility. Central control panels.

Maximum Coverage No matter how large the room, every inch should be covered. Wall or ceiling mounted sprinkler heads. Install fewer sprinkler heads but keep the safeguards.

High Ceiling Systems Specialty sprinkler heads and systems for commercial and residential spaces with high ceilings (over 30 feet).

Industry-Specific Commercial Systems Get a specialty, industry-specific commercial fire sprinkler system for

  • Densely stored materials
  • Hazardous materials and chemicals
  • Historical or archival properties
  • Tech-heavy and equipment-filled facilities

Today’s fire sprinkler companies design systems that function in every type of space, with every fire hazard concern.

Early Suppression. Fast Response. Control Mode.

Top designs of commercial fire sprinkler systems use heat-senstive bulbs and sensors that activate sprinklers only in the endangered area.

Contain damage, and minimize damage and repair costs with innovative technology and fire response solutions.

Sprinkler systems’ “control mode” allows you to customize how your sprinkler system will respond to fire, smoke, or other emergencies.

A-1 Fire & Security: bringing the best fire sprinkler options to every property owner in Texas.

Fire Hose for Commercial and Residential

Strong. Immediate. Life-Saving.

Fire protection means coverage for every area. Get the right fire hose to protect your property

A-1 Fire & Security Equipment Co. offers a selection of industrial fire hose and accessories from top brands.

Brooks Equipment
Specializing in fire safety equipment for over 75 years.

Wide selection of Brooks’ fire hoses:

  • Rubber-covered
  • Rack & Reel
  • Single jacket
  • Double jacket

Outstanding selection of Brooks’ fire hose and hydrant parts and equipment:

  • Polycarbonate nozzels
  • Angle hose valvues
  • Brass fog nozzles
  • Hose reels
  • Hydrant valves
  • Pin racks

A-1 Fire & Security: Full fire sprinkler contractors offering unbeatable service on every part of your system.

Top Grade Residential Fire Sprinklers

Advanced Sprinkler System Design

Bringing unbeatable protecton to every home in central Texas: A-1 Fire & Security.

We offer the top residential fire sprinklers from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler.

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler
From one of the top names in fire sprinklers, Reliable offers residential and multi-purpose residential fire sprinklers.

For apartment and high rise buildings. For student housing. For residences with multiple buildings.

Keeping every home protected. Safety is our top concern.

Certified Top in Backflow Testing Companies

We supply backflow testing and service throughout all of central Texas.

In Texas, in order to complete proper backflow testing, you must have a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license from the state.

In addition to classroom training and testing, certified backflow testers complete rigorous hands-on demonstrations to earn their license.

What is Backflow Testing?

Any pressurized water system, like the one in a building’s fire sprinklers, can be damaged from back pressure.

A-1 Fire & Security professionals are licensed to perform tests to check the forward and backward pressure.

Central Texas’ Leading Backflow Testing Services

Backflowing testing companies and services help other companies prevent loss of water supply during an emergency. A sprinkler backflow preventer keeps your sprinkler system from being corrupted and contaminated.

A-1 Fire & Security installs backflow prevention devices.

Serving All
of Central Texas

Reputation. Integrity. Quality.

For over 50 years, A-1 Fire & Security has provided all of central Texas with top fire and security services.

Military and Veteran Discount
We are proud to offer a discount to military servicemembers. Active duty and veterans, business owners and homeowners. Ask for details.

We are fire safety equipment professionals, including team members who specialize in the best fire sprinkler systems on the market.

Highest Quality Fire Sprinkler System Installation, Repair, Maintenance, and More

For commercial and residential fire sprinklers. For fire hose and hydrant equipment. For pressure and backflow testing.

Keeping People Safe Throughout Texas and Beyond: A-1 Fire & Security.