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The Importance of Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Commercial property owners know the importance of fire safety and protection. Thus, it’s vital to make sure that they are following state and federal guidelines regarding commercial fire sprinklers.

Fire accidents can cause damage to your property, business equipment, merchandise, and livelihood. On top of that, a fire can gravely endanger the lives of your customers, employees, tenants, and guests in the building.

It’s vital to ensure that you have commercial fire sprinklers as part of your building’s complete fire safety equipment.

Commercial Fire Sprinklers: Effective First Line of Defense

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are the first line of defense against fires in a commercial facility. The sprinkler systems deliver the required initial level of safety for people and the facility. There are local, state, and federal guidelines when it comes to the installation of fire sprinkler systems for commercial properties.

Commercial fire sprinklers must be installed by professionals.These guidelines and requirements must be met so your commercial building can have the protection it needs against fire emergencies.

If you’re wondering when fire sprinklers are required in a commercial establishment, we’ll share all the answers you need in today’s post.

The Main Purpose of Fire Sprinkler Systems

While fire alarm systems and monitoring systems are essential for the dynamic fire protection efforts they provide, sprinkler systems are also equally crucial.

The sprinklers are engineered to detect heat and smoke. When the system is triggered, the sprinkler heads dispense water to either extinguish the fire or slow down its spread. Either way, this feature helps in minimizing the damage until the local fire department arrives on the scene.

NFPA 13’s Requirements for Commercial Fire Sprinklers

As previously mentioned, there is a set of guidelines and rules to follow for the installation of fire sprinkler systems. The National Fire Protection Association oversees these guidelines.

NFPA 13 outlines the standards that property owners across the country must adopt and apply. NFPA 13 also has a breakdown of the rules and regulations for sprinkler systems in the United States.

Mostly, if you are a commercial property owner, you must have sprinklers installed throughout your building.

There are very rare exceptions to this rule, such as a specific area in the building not needing sprinklers or a particular establishment that requires a different fire safety equipment.

However, you’ll likely need sprinkler systems for your commercial building. Thus, building owners and managers must work with fire protection companies.

Basic Requirements of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Here are some more basic requirements for commercial fire sprinklers as standardized by NFPA 13.

  • Automatic sprinkler systems are required in a new commercial building with more than 5,000 square feet in the fire area.
  • Any building expansions over 5,000 square feet must have an automatic sprinkler system installation.
  • All town homes with more than two residential units per buildings must have sprinkler systems.
  • Structures that are more than 55 feet tall must have automatic sprinkler systems throughout the premises.
  • Fire pumps must be present to amplify the pressure in fire sprinklers, primarily when the sprinkler system is powered by a local water system or a non-pressurized tank. As much as possible, these fire pumps must be situated in a separate facility.
  • The valves of the water supply control must be easily accessible. They must also be clearly marked and identified, complete with signs indicating the interior valves' placement. If you must place the valves under stairways, make sure they are adequately protected and can be accessed without difficulty.
  • Self-storage establishments must be installed with automatic sprinklers. Unless the facility has no interior corridors or has only one story, then there’s no need for automated sprinkler systems.

When Do I Need Fire Sprinklers in My Commercial Building?

Not all commercial structures are built the same with similar fire protection requirements. Our experienced and professional fire protection experts can help you make sure that your business facility meets all sprinkler code guidelines.

Contact us today for high-quality and trusted fire protection services for commercial buildings.