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Installing Residential Security Systems at 5 Entry Points in Your Home

As a homeowner, one of your main concerns is securing all points of entry in your property. One effective way to do this is to install residential security systems.

In today’s post, we’ll list down the typical entry points in your home and how to make sure they are secured.

Front Door

You may think that no burglar or intruder would simply walk in through your front door. However, studies show that up to 34% of burglars do walk in straight through front doors. This scenario isn’t surprising. Thus, if you are still hiding that spare key under your doormat or flower pot by the front door, move it to a more secure location now.

Also, in most cases, burglars or intruders don’t need keys to break into homes. They are experienced in removing hinges or kicking the door down. For added home defense, make sure you add a deadbolt and a sturdy strike plate. The strike plate makes the door more impregnable to kick-ins.

Make it a point to remember that you lock the door before leaving or when you’re retreating to the bedroom or other parts of the house. You may be surprised at the rate of some homeowners simply forgetting to lock their door, allowing the burglars to come in.

Another reliable option is to install a door alarm as part of your residential security systems. This ensures that you’re notified of all the comings and goings in your property without permission.

Make sure to secure your garage with residential security systems.Garage

Many homeowners have a habit of going into their house through the garage. When burglars or thieves scan the neighborhood for entry points into homes, they pay specific attention to those using the garage as the primary point of entry into homes.

This is because those people usually leave their garage unlocked for ease of access.

To protect your garage, make sure you have a strike plate and study lock installed. You may also change your older garage door lock to a stronger and more durable one. Make sure to remember (and remind everyone in your household) lock the garage door every time they go out. Never just leave the garage door remote in your car.

An essential component of residential security systems is automated garage doors to ensure that you keep the door locked – even remotely. It also notifies you if the door has been opened without your permission.

Sliding Glass Doors and Back Door

Your back entrances are ideal entry points for thieves and burglars. These vulnerable entry points let them enter your home without attracting attention from neighbors or passersby.

Back doors in the kitchen or sliding glass doors opening into the backyard or deck may be a huge security vulnerability. Many homeowners leave them unlocked because they are not used as often – which is a fact thieves, burglars, and home intruders take advantage of.

Sliding doors that lead out to the deck are often not secured.Sliding doors, because they are made of glass, are easy to smash. Even if burglars don’t break it, their conventional locks are easy to pick.

To secure your sliding doors and back doors, install a wooden dowel to slow the intruder down hopefully. You can also add a sliding bolt to protect the frame.

Add a glass-breakage alarm or door alarm as part of your residential security systems to make sure you have adequate protection for the sliding doors and back door.

Home Windows

When thinking of residential security systems, you may leave your windows for granted. This is not a good practice. Up to 23% of burglaries happen when burglars gain access through the windows. Burglars know that it’s the doors property owners usually secure, leaving their windows vulnerable.

Also, don’t forget about your second-floor windows. You may think that there’s no way burglars would climb all the way up to access your upper-story windows. Burglars are resourceful. They’ll do and try anything to gain entry to your home.

To defend your windows against break-ins, use reinforced glass. Reinforced glass includes bullet-proof glass, tempered glass, or laminated glass. You can also add window bars, which are supposedly the best defense against unwanted visitors.

Learn about window alarms, window sensors, and other options. Check with your home security company for the ideal window security features for your home.

Install Residential Security Systems to Secure Your Entry Points

Your front door, sliding glass doors, back door, garage door, and home windows are common entry points in your home. Make sure they have sufficient protection with residential security systems and common sense.