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What are the Undeniable Benefits of a Fire Sprinkler System Installation

You might have already considered fire sprinkler system installation in your industrial, commercial, or residential space after knowing what terrible damages a fire could do to your property.

These vital fire suppression systems are among the most effective ways to protect lives and assets from the ravages of a structure fire. Because fire sprinkler systems effectively automatically put out many types of fires, preemptively investing in a fire sprinkler system installation could save you time, money, and trouble.

What is an Automatic Fire Sprinkler?

Fire sprinkler systems can significantly lessen the risk to life and mitigate the damage caused by fire. An automatic system is made to detect a fire and extinguish it in its early stages or hold fire in check so that extinguishment can be carried out by other means.

Sprinkler heads function at a set temperature and release water over the affected area.

It consists of a water supply that provides adequate pressure and flows into a pipework system onto which sprinkler heads are installed.

These sprinkler heads work at a predetermined temperature and discharge water over the affected area. Only those heads in the fire's vicinity operate, limiting the amount of water damage.

The Benefits of Fire Sprinkler System Installation

The case for fire sprinkler system installation is compelling. Below are just some reasons why you should start the fire sprinkler system installation process today:

Reduce The Risk Of Death

Getting a fire sprinkler system installation along with traditional methods such as smoke alarms will help protect your property and those in it. Properties that use fire alarms and suppression systems reduce the risk of fire-related death by 82%.

Cost-Effective Fire Protection System is a Great Investment

Compared to the damage fires could cause, sprinklers are a cost-effective way to protect your physical property and those working or living there. Most of the sprinkler systems cost a couple of percent of the property's overall value. If you could afford a new kitchen, you could afford to have a fire sprinkler system installed.

Save Lives

Active sprinklers prevent people from becoming trapped in a property when a fire occurs. Even without a clear fire exit, sprinklers could help create a path so people could escape safely. Using a combination of sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers is the best way to keep your establishment and the people in it safe in case of a fire.

Lessening The Risk Of Damage To Your Property

Once the fire brigade sprays water into your building, it could cause extensive damage to both the visual appearance and the property's structure. Sprinklers installed in properties only utilize a minimum amount of water, meaning less damage would be caused when they go off than a fire engine's hose.

Minimal Maintenance

Most sprinklers require very little maintenance and often continue running smoothly with only their yearly maintenance check. Most installers also provide maintenance checks once or twice a year, where they will test the value to see how the system is operating.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Whether you're a home or business owner, you'll likely be paying some insurance to protect your property in the event of damage. Claiming these policies can be costly in the long run, especially once you've claimed them. When sprinklers are installed on your property, insurance premiums can be reduced by up to 15%.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

There are many things to look for in a fire sprinkler system installation company.

While there might be an upfront fee to pay out for a fire sprinkler system installation, it could be worth it if you sell your property. Properties with fire sprinklers are a much more attractive purchase for any buyer.

What to Look for in a Fire Sprinkler System Installation Company

The fire sprinkler system installation benefits above will inspire you to think about having a fire sprinkler system installation if your establishment doesn't currently have a sprinkler system. And if you already got a system, you might be searching for someone to offer inspections and servicing. So, how do you get a reputable sprinkler contractor to do the job right?

Check That They Possess the Appropriate Accreditations

Like most professional businesses, fire sprinkler companies can choose to be accredited by regulatory bodies to offer their customers peace of mind. Although they're not necessary, they show that a certain company is taking all necessary precautions to guarantee that their services are the best they can be.

Lookout for Reliable Testimonials

You chosen fire sprinkler installer should be experts in their field.

fire sprinkler system installation companies that have been around for some time and have plenty of experience installing automatic sprinkler systems would be proud to boast about their testimonials.

Testimonials are often reviews from happy customers who state what they liked regarding their services, encouraging others to select the company in question to install their fire sprinklers. Testimonials could be found on the company's website or social media, offering an insight into their work.

Whether you need a whole system or domestic sprinklers for high-rise buildings, you will need to look around before deciding on the best fire sprinkler system installation company. If you could, try and seek out any reviews they may have to see whether they are reliable and provide a good service.

Make Sure They Do the Entire Job

You don't want to handle multiple fire sprinkler companies to get one job done, so it is important to ensure that you choose a fire sprinkler system installation company that guarantees they will do the entire job. When you got fire sprinklers installed in your business or home, you need someone who can assist you with everything.

For example, while some companies would only be able to help with part of the process, you want a company that can help you with every part of the fire sprinkler system installation and maintenance process.

Expertise and Experience

Everyone knows how significant a business's reputation is. Before choosing a fire sprinkler system installation company, you have to ensure that they truly are the experts in their field. It can be determined by checking out their website to see if you can find as much information as possible from their pages.

It would be best to choose professionals to install your fire sprinkler systems.

Reliable companies would explain a little about their services and would truly sell their abilities to be the best fire sprinkler systems installation company for you. Fire sprinkler system installation with uninformative websites may not be the best choice for you, and you need your sprinkler systems and heads that will work as optimally as possible.


Even if the fire sprinkler system installation company you choose sets up your sprinklers perfectly, problems might arise if they fail to respond immediately to your future concerns. An issue that could easily be fixed may become a much more serious problem because of a company's lack of responsiveness.

How We Can Help

Here at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment, we could design and install your sprinkler system based on your building's water supply and structure dimensions. We will always ensure that the sprinkler system works optimally, installing the best sprinkler heads to match your property's specifications.

You could count on us to provide you with effective and safe fire safety solutions that meet the specific needs of your house, commercial building, or industrial space. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated team of fire sprinkler system installation experts is here to provide every one of our clients with a reliable fire safety solution.


Can I install a fire sprinkler system myself?

While you can install a fire sprinkler system yourself, this job is best left to professionals. These experts are highly skilled in their trade and you can rest assured that your sprinkler system is installed properly and will work efficiently when they need to. 

What does a fire sprinkler system installation cost?

The NFPA estimated the average cost to be $1.35 for every sprinklered square foot of the structure. This refers to any space protected by fire sprinkler systems once the installation is complete.