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What are the 4 Signs that You Need Urgent Fire Sprinkler Service?

As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting and safeguarding your employees, building, and equipment against fire damage. One of the ways to do so is by ensuring the fire sprinklers are in good working order. In this article, we'll go over what a fire sprinkler system is, why it should be checked, and the top five signals that it is time for a fire sprinkler service.

What Is A Fire Sprinkler?

A fire sprinkler is a device installed in your office or business establishment that causes water or another fire-extinguishing substance to be released to extinguish a fire. These are intended to instantly and automatically respond to fires upon fire detection.

What Is Involved In A Fire Sprinkler Service?

A fire sprinkler inspection is a thorough examination of your complete system. Gauges, control valves, and sprinkler heads will be tested for performance by a licensed specialist. Your alarm devices and sensors will be checked for malfunction or damage, as well as your main lines and flow valves for rust, corrosion, or damage signs.

How Frequently Should You Have A Fire Sprinkler Service?

A fire sprinkler system needs regular fire sprinkler service to keep working properly.

Routine fire sprinkler service and inspections are required, and the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association developed a testing procedure that specifies how frequently each system component should be inspected.

All mechanical parts should be inspected quarterly, and any component that holds, detects, or monitors pressure should be inspected twice annually. Yearly inspections are also advised, which entail inspecting your complete system, including the alarm system and the water movement within the pipes.

The Risk of Not Having an Inspection

Even though the fire sprinkler system might not be in use all year, parts of it might deteriorate and cause a problem quickly. If the equipment is damaged, you run the danger of your alarm failing to notify a fire, the sprinkler system not being able to activate, or the equipment failing to put out a fire. This can result in bigger property damage and, worst of all, injury or death of your staff or guests.

Furthermore, an unchecked system could result in a false trigger, leading to unnecessary damage to your property and equipment.

What Are The Signs That You Need A Fire Sprinkler Service?


Any indication of leakage indoors is a concern. Water damage will destroy the structure of your property and may result in mold growth, which can create major health problems. Fire sprinkler system leaks are considerably worse.

Visible Pipes or Heads Damage

Another sign that it's time to call for a fire sprinkler service is the damage to the fire system. If your pipe's sprinkler heads are skewed, dented, or otherwise damaged, contact a professional to check and repair them. It could've occurred during construction due to wear and tear or even vandalism.


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Water corrodes, and some systems may be more vulnerable compared to others. Some systems are constantly holding water, while others are full of oxygen, which is also corrosive. In any case, the pressured water might cause your system to malfunction. The system is malfunctioning if you start to notice discolored water, rust from the pipes, or the smell of rotten eggs.

False Alarms

Various sources, such as trapped air in pressurized pipes and mechanical problems, can cause false alarms. Frequent false alarms are a sign that something's wrong with the system.

Replacement vs. Repair of a Fire Sprinkler System

Your first step in telling if you need replacement or repair services is to examine the property's age and kind of fire sprinkler system. If the system is outdated, it might be time to upgrade.

Examine the degree of corrosion in the pipes straight away. A dry system implies a substantial amount of oxygen in your pipes. This may result in additional corrosion damage, increasing the likelihood of a replacement service instead of merely a repair. A wet system has less oxygen in your pipes, which means fewer conditions that promote large-scale corrosion. This indicates you might only require a repair service if the corrosion is more confined.

Another significant component influencing your decision is your replacement and repair history. Building owners should constantly account for their previous replacement and repair services so that once a problem arises, it's easier to resolve. Keeping a record of the system's previous services allows you to examine the problems over time to decide the best solution once an issue does develop.

It is advisable to assess your budget and the frequency you require maintenance services. If you find yourself repairing the system weekly or monthly, it's probably time to replace it.

A fire sprinkler service offers many benefits.

Although replacement services might appear expensive, there are numerous ways to properly install a new system without breaking the bank. Furthermore, you permanently fix all past troubles by replacing your equipment that requires regular maintenance. Normally, the entire system does not have to be replaced. Usually, just 20 percent of it has to be changed to solve the issue. Nevertheless, if you are often experiencing the same problem, replacing it entirely may be the best alternative.

What To Search For While Seeking Fire Sprinkler Service Contractors

There are several variables to consider while looking for a fire sprinkler service specialist to guarantee you receive the most efficient service possible. Here are some critical points to remember:

Training and Certification

To operate with these systems, a trustworthy and reputable fire sprinkler service contractor will have the proper credentials and rigorous training. The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) is a well-known organization that offers certificates in this area. When evaluating potential repair specialists, look for certificates such as NICET Level III-IV in Fire Protection Engineering Technology - Automatic Sprinkler System Layout.

While training and certifications are important, they're not the all-important element. The individual's experience in the field is also extremely important. More years in the industry usually correlate to a larger portfolio and a better understanding of dealing with a vast range of challenges. To verify that they can handle your specific needs, inquire regarding their experience with projects comparable to yours.


In this digital era, examining a company's reputation is easier than ever. Search for online customer ratings reviews to gain insight into previous customer experiences. Examine their Better Business Bureau profile as well as other consumer review websites. These sources can supply essential information about the fire sprinkler service expert's dependability, customer service, and work quality.


Your chosen fire sprinkler service contractors should have insurance.

When choosing any professional, such as fire sprinkler repair experts, never forget the significance of insurance. This protects you against any potential liabilities arising during the repair process. Any reputable fire sprinkler service contractor should possess liability insurance and be willing to provide proof if questioned.

Response Time

When it comes to fire sprinkler repair, time is important. A dependable fire sprinkler service expert will respond quickly to guarantee the system is back up and running immediately. If there's an emergency, they should be able to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Experts in Fire Sprinkler Systems

If you need reliable fire sprinkler service experts, we at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment can assist you with any issues about fire sprinkler systems.

Our qualified professionals will be delighted to check your system and provide the best cost-effective solution for you. Furthermore, keeping up with the maintenance services is the greatest approach to minimizing fire sprinkler system troubles. If you need to schedule a repair, replacement, or maintenance service, please get in touch with us immediately.