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Elevate Your Home Window Security

Make sure intruders can't open your home windowsBurglars love to exploit the weaknesses of homes. These weak spots are the ones we would usually ignore. One of these weaknesses is our home windows. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how you can improve your home window security. We hope the information you find here will help you take the steps necessary to discourage thieves from gaining access in your property, and at the same time, promote the safety and protection of your home.

Don’t Overlook Your Home Window Security

Your home’s windows are an essential aspect of home security. Unfortunately, it’s a part of the house that homeowners usually pay the least attention to; and it’s due to the fact that people think securing home windows require higher-tech and more expensive solutions. Burglars gain access to your property usually through the windows or the door. Between the two, homeowners invest more in installing door locks and solid doors; thus, it leaves your windows as the weakest entry point.

The first thing you need to do is to take a quick inspection of all the windows in your home. Pay closer attention to your basement and garage windows, as well as second-story windows that are easily accessible from the ground. Burglars generally look for a point of entry that is close to the ground. Itemize each window you have; note what type it is – whether it’s casement or double-hung – and what lock it has. Don’t forget to test the bolts on each window. If you’re considering getting new locks, don’t forget to factor in fire safety. The keys of electronic window security and keyed locks should be accessed by you and your family members in the event of a fire or an emergency.

Do You Have Vulnerable Windows?

If you’ve detected some windows in your home that you deem particularly vulnerable, you may consider the effectivity of a higher-security type of window glass. Additionally, if appearances are not that high on your priority list, you have the option of installing scissors-type security gate or metal grille outside your window. However, keep in mind that although some security gates have easily released levers used for emergency exits, the fixed grille cannot be used as an exit if there’s a fire. Another strong home and window security option are motion sensors placed on windows and doors that alerts a security company or local law enforcement when an intrusion is detected.

Here are more effective ways to elevate the security of your home windows.

Make sure the path to your windows is blocked.

A loud noise will undoubtedly startle any intruder trying to gain access to your property. Block the path to your windows by placing squeaky toys or any potted plants right by them. These things can help delay or deter a burglary attempting to access your home through a window.

Don’t cover your windows.

Homeowners usually let overgrown flowers and shrubs block the visibility of their windows. While those are helpful to give you privacy, burglars take advantage of them to break into your house without anyone noticing. Make sure there’s a clear line of visibility to your windows. Taking this step can help prevent potential burglars.

Utilize a home security system.

Install security cameras by your basement windows

An efficient home and window security system can significantly dissuade any possible intrusions or burglary. This feature can also send an alert to authorities, as well as signal your neighbors when there’s a break-in. Put motion sensors or burglar alarms by basement windows. Additionally, you can install security cameras around the basement area, front and back door, or anywhere else you feel it may be needed.

Get heavy-duty window locks.

Procure home window security locks that can be accessed from the inside. Go to your local store to get the right window locks. Make sure that you can open at least one of your windows from the inside without the need for a key. This is especially important in case you need to get out of the house during an emergency.

Make your home window security efforts well known.

Sixty percent of convicted thieves and burglars admitted that the presence of home security systems majorly influenced their decisions when targeting homes. You can buy signs and decals showing that your home is equipped with security features. This step warns potential intruders or burglars from targeting your home.

Final Thoughts

We hope the tips we’ve shared above will help ensure that your windows are secured and that your property is well protected.