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Choosing the Right Fire Sprinklers for Your Business

As a business owner or manager, you know what your business needs. It needs to operate efficiently; it needs to operate safely. And, in most cases, it needs a reliable, high-quality commercial fire sprinkler system.

Choosing the right fire sprinklers for your business is a combination of many factors. You will need to consider not only how the sprinklers serve your business as it now stands, but how they should also grow and adapt as your business changes in the future.

We hope these tips help you when you're considering your commercial fire sprinklers.

High-quality and top-care can’t be beat

There are many high-quality materials used in today’s commercial sprinkler system designs. Depending on the factors of the environment and the type of sprinkler system being installed, some materials are superior to others.

Steel is most commonly used for its high-heat tolerance, and it is often painted black. However, copper tubing and plastic PVC piping are also the best material for some waterless sprinkler systems.

As well as the right materials, you want to make sure that the fire sprinkler system you choose has a quick response time. During an emergency, every second matters. The faster your sprinkler system takes over and eradicates the problem, the safer you, your employees and customers, and your business property will be.

Maintenance is essential

A high-quality system deserves high-quality installation. Not only is it always the best idea to choose the system made from the materials that best serve your business’ needs, but it’s always the best idea to hire certified, trained professionals to safely install and maintain your system as well.

Electricians learning how to wire fire alarm systems in a vocational training class.

But, it’s not enough to have a high-quality system that has been properly installed – it must be maintained. Like any computerized, motorized piece of equipment, inspections must be performed, testing needs to occur, and updates and repairs should not linger.

When considering the right fire sprinkler system for your business, remember: There are maintenance costs and requirements associated. What is the right schedule and how will you make sure it’s kept current?

Your building is unique

Every building varies, and age, weather, internal wear-and-tear, building materials – there is a long list of factors that go into determining your business’ unique needs for safety, including protection from fire.

What should I consider?

When choosing the right commercial fire sprinkler system for your business, consider some important details about your property:

  • What is the square footage and the layout?
  • What are the building materials? Do you have the most recent construction records?
  • How many entrances and exits are there?
  • What environmental factors do you have because of your location?
  • What fire alarm systems are already in place or have failed you in the past?

As you consider some of these factors, you can begin to familiarize yourself with the different fire protection systems available, and see how the various models on the market cover your business’ needs. Of course, when you buy a commercial fire sprinkler system, always speak with a knowledgeable representative who can answer all your questions and ensure your system is tailored to your business in every way.

Maintenance Engineers with check-list examining fire service system

Who does your business serve?

The last thing to consider when shopping for a commercial fire sprinkler system is who does your business serve? Are there customers or clients as well as employees who frequent your property? Or, do your buildings house more inventory, merchandise, and perishable items than people? Remember to think about the hours of operation and the traffic patterns through your building’s populated and unpopulated areas.

Depending on the type of service your business offers and where your business is located, your options for fire sprinklers may change. Make sure to discuss all possible options with a representative.

The right fire sprinkler system should serve you

Once you’ve considered the factors that can help you determine which type of sprinkler system is right for you, the last thing to remember is that your sprinkler system should serve the long-term goals and missions of your company. As your business grows, you will continue to expand, and your fire protection system must be able to expand with you. When you incentivize yourself – make it fun and exciting – you can see all the ways that your fire sprinkler system protecst your business now, and in the years to come.