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A Comprehensive Guide on Everything You Need to Know About the Best Security Cameras for Rental Property

Are you looking for the best security cameras for rental property? There was a moment when all you could do as the landlord was hand over the keys and hope the renters would respect your property. That isn't the case anymore, with A-1 Fire & Security Equipment transforming the very meaning of smart home and property security.

The best security cameras for rental property from us at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment can help protect your property.

A rental property could be an excellent investment opportunity, particularly when you can get reliable, long-term occupants. As a property owner, it is just natural to need to safeguard your investment and protect the renters who live in it. The best security cameras for rental property from us at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment are an easy way to do that.

The best security cameras for rental property will help your property rent quicker and longer. Renters are far more likely to encounter property crime than homeowners. 

A-1 Fire & Security Equipment home and property security can assist in appeasing renter concerns about a particular location. They can attract new kinds of property renters, such as families with young kids. For this reason, home security has quickly become a developing prerequisite for a lot in today's market.  

You take an enormous risk when you decide to rent the property, but we at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment can help you get some of that control back. The best security cameras for rental property are an alternative way to keep your establishment in demand with the right kind of property renters you want.

Advantages of the Best Security Cameras for Rental Property

There are a lot of good reasons why you should want to take advantage of the benefits of the best security cameras for rental property. The bottom line is that having video cameras to keep an eye on things is a deterrent that keeps your tenants, their property, and property from taking damage, injury, and loss of valuables — and that's only the beginning.

Protect Your Property's Value

Suppose a burglar sets eyes on your property. In that case, they will do everything they can to get in and out quickly and unnoticed, even if that means doing irreparable damage to your livelihood. However, a visual security system is one of the most popular deterrents. When robbers notice your system, they'll give up on your property to find an easier target.

While protecting your property's existing value is great, what's even better is that a quality alarm system can raise the property's value, too. Most tenants are willing to pay more to live on a property they know is secure — in fact, a solid form of security might be one of their home requirements or the factor that sets you apart from their other options.

Avoid Liability

When you install a security system on your rental property, you're installing a physical reminder that you're concerned about the safety of the residents. If someone tries to damage your property or break into it, having the best security cameras for rental property makes it less likely that tenants will blame you for any personal theft. It's even less likely that you could face repercussions for it.

Reduce Crime in the Area

It's well known that security cameras deter crime. When you install the best security cameras for rental property, you're likely to decrease the amount of crime in the area. If your system has a broad enough view, you might even help your neighborhoods and nearby businesses avoid becoming a target. That's great news for current residents and potential tenants looking to move into the area.

Anyone researching before moving can access the crime rate statistics online, and the higher the rates, the less likely you are to get their business. It's in your best interest to make sure your neighborhood is safe and do your part to reduce your local crime rates.

Improve Your Reputation

As we've mentioned, ensuring your tenants are safe through an alarm system does a lot to improve relations with them. They'll hold a much higher opinion of you when they know you care. Your residents might even mention you to their friends, especially friends that might be seeking a new living arrangement. You can't underestimate word-of-mouth marketing — it might bring you more business than you know what to do with!

Remote Home Monitoring

There won't always be someone home to guard the property, but A-1 Fire & Security Equipment home security cameras keep track of things when you and your renters are not around. It provides extra security for both your property and your belongings.

Supervise Repairs and Maintenance

There are moments when a property owner must fix up a property, but there might not be a current tenant to entertain repair service workers. The best security cameras for rental property are a simple way to watch repair people and vendors who visit your property for maintenance. You do not have to be there personally with live feed capability. You could watch remotely as they work to guarantee your property is safe and you're satisfied with the quality.

The best security cameras for rental property can watch repair staff who visit your home for maintenance.

Monitor During Tenant Vacancies

The property might not always have a tenant to sit empty for prolonged periods. The best security cameras for rental property can be a brilliant way to ward off intruders and thieves while still keeping an eye on the entire state of your property.

Additional Footage for Future Use If Required

If the cameras pick up any illicit or unlawful activity on the property, you will have the proof to show that the tenant violates the lease.

What Types of Smart Accessories and Security Cameras Are Available?

As a property owner, you could do a few things to safeguard the investment while using it as a rental property. A-1 Fire & Security Equipment offers a full suite of home security products better to secure your home, including several cameras and accessories.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor surveillance cameras are a natural solution for security and surveillance, often providing affordable, cutting-edge technology that is reliable and effective. These cameras boast a crisp 1080p HD picture that works flawlessly in daylight and at night. This motion-activated camera could also be set to record times of movement that are delivered directly to you for checking.

Outdoor security cameras are both weatherproof and waterproof, so you can place them anywhere on the home's exterior where they have a clear view of the home's entry points. Driveways, backyards, and parking garages are popular areas for outdoor security cameras.

Outdoor security cameras are weatherproof.

Bigger properties like public walkways, apartment buildings, and common places are popular spots for surveillance. You can legally install security cameras in laundry rooms, hallways, around the pool, in the parking lots, and the clubhouse.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cams are a good option for personal security. With mobile camera apps, you're able to answer the door regardless of where you are. That means you can welcome guests and confirm deliveries without being there. It's an added convenience that is exceedingly helpful in today's busy society.

While the doorbell camera doesn't capture any interior places, it's still an extremely useful tool in preventing unwanted intruders and stopping crime with its crystal-clear 720p HD picture. With two-way audio for effortless communication, you could easily keep tabs on who's coming and going without being home to observe it yourself.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are another innovation that has proven enormously effective for numerous rental properties. You can use the mobile app to control your property's door locks from anywhere, so you don't have to rush across town to meet a new renter or rescue one locked out.

You'll also receive notifications when changes are made to your locks, so you're always in control of access to the property. When renters go in and out, there is no need to bother about a key exchange, and future tenants will surely appreciate the convenience of keyless entry when they come home.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is among the most traditional yet effective ways to combat burglaries and theft. We at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment can install powerful floodlights that are motion-detected.

Smart home automation could also put the exterior and interior lights on a schedule, so it always appears that someone is home even when they're not. This is especially helpful when you are between renters. You can utilize your phone to turn on and off different lights, so the property never seems empty.

Professional Security Monitoring

A-1 Fire & Security Equipment's professional security monitoring is a great solution for property owners because it provides increased security without sacrificing tenant privacy. It also removes the need for costly personnel, like security guards, who would otherwise be needed to patrol multifamily dwellings.

Regardless of what security system and equipment you pick, there are several benefits to a professional security service that offers round-the-clock monitoring with emergency assistance when you need it.

Best Practices for Installing and Surveying Security Cameras on Rental Properties

Security cameras are an amazing tool for several landlords with so many benefits. In this article section, we will share some ways to guarantee you're properly installing your security camera, including:

Research Local Privacy Laws

Security cameras are a great surveillance solution, but privacy laws could vary from place to place, so it's important to research local laws before pushing forward with installation. A professional attorney can help you navigate the local laws to ensure you comply before accepting another tenant.

While you can't place cameras in private spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms, outdoor surveillance is fair game, and a lot of property owners use strategically placed surveillance cameras to survey the exterior of their buildings.

Identify Spots That Can Benefit From Additional Eyes

Surveillance cameras should be strategically-placed.

Getting started is easy. Carefully survey your property to identify weaknesses. Any area with low visibility could benefit from a security camera. In contrast, a doorbell camera enables tenants to accept deliveries and confirm repair services without anyone needing to be there. It helps to obtain a list of the security elements that you need. Still, if you are not sure, A-1 Fire & Security Equipment offers complimentary in-home consultations so you could benefit from a professional's knowledge.

Familiarize Yourself With The Equipment

Ensure to acquaint yourself with the new equipment. It's enormously beneficial to read the equipment manuals and review the treasure trove of resources that we at A-1 Fire & Security Equipment offers our clients.

Long-Term Savings From Surveillance Cameras on Your Rental Property

Property misdemeanors are a grim reality for many Americans each year. Still, landlords can benefit from our cutting-edge security technology to keep their rental properties and renters safe from harm.

Some long-term savings include:

Introducing increased security aspects to your rental property can help decrease the chances of crime. You might also find more success in finding better quality tenants for your property, given the presence of increased safety measures.

You can also save money on the insurance policy, with many insurance firms offering rewards or discounts when you have upgraded security in place.

Getting Started With A-1 Fire & Security Equipment

Our innovative security solutions enable you to make a unique security protection plan that encompasses the necessities of your property.

A-1 Fire & Security Equipment provides consultations, so you could benefit from an expert's experience in crafting the best security plan. Call us today to learn more!