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Are Fire Sprinklers Worth It: Top 5 Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler System in Your Property

There are smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and several other fire suppression tools, including a commercial sprinkler system. But what benefits make sprinkler systems a good investment for you– other than commercial building requirements? Are fire sprinklers worth it?

Fire is one of the biggest concerns regarding the health and safety of people and property. Once caught, fire can spread across the property within a few minutes, destroying lives and property before the fire department can even arrive.

Installing fire sprinkler pipes can help mitigate this damage in a fire. An automated system gets activated at the very start of a fire and often helps put it out even before it can get big enough to create any damage.

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

A fire sprinkler system consists of multiple sprinkler heads that automatically discharge water during an active fire once the air temperature reaches a predetermined threshold. The system is meticulously designed to activate as early as possible during a real fire, engaging at temperatures of approximately 155 degrees Fahrenheit and discharging water in the immediate fire area.

Many property owners ask themselves, "Are fire sprinklers worth it?"

A sprinkler system is linked by a piping system connected to a reliable water source. It draws water from sources within a structure. Each sprinkler head activates individually and only when the unit has reached the trigger temperature. In other words, each sprinkler reacts only to the fire conditions closest to it. The sprinkler heads are sensitive enough to open when necessary but do not cause unnecessary water damage.

Some sprinkler systems don't even use water. Facilities containing flammable materials need foam to cut off the oxygen supply as quickly as possible, preventing significant damage. This fire protection system is designed to separate the flames from their fuel source via the foam. Not only does this help extinguish active fires, but the foam prevents any flammable fumes from being reignited.

Are Fire Sprinklers Worth It? The Benefits Of Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Consider installing a fire sprinkler system in your commercial or industrial space for several reasons. These important fire safety systems are among the best methods to keep people and assets safe from the destruction caused by a fire in a building. Since fire sprinkler systems can automatically extinguish various kinds of fires, making an early investment in a fire protection setup can prevent lots of hassle and save money and time.

Here are just some reasons why you should start the process of installing fire sprinkler systems in Waco, TX, today:

Helps Your Business Comply With The Law

If your commercial property is smaller, you can get away without installing a commercial fire sprinkler system. You can also get away with it depending on the location of your company. But generally speaking, most cities and towns across the country require business owners to install some fire sprinkler system inside their commercial properties.

Outside of installing commercial fire sprinkler systems, businesses must also ensure they're installed in a specific way. The NFPA 13 Standard for installing Sprinkler Systems has become the gold standard for installing fire sprinkler systems. Check with your city or town to learn more about the local rules and regulations regarding fire sprinkler systems.

Lets You Avoid Extensive Damage During A Fire

It's never good when a fire starts inside a commercial building. Even a small fire can do lots of damage to a retail store, an office building, or a restaurant. But if a fire does begin inside your commercial building, you want it to stay as small as possible. Unrestrained, a fire can spread across a building in minutes.

A fire sprinkler system for businesses can quickly halt a fire. When it senses a fire, it acts promptly to control the flames. This kind of system halts the fire's progress, reducing harm and aiding the fire department in managing it.

Prevents A Fire From Causing Deaths And Injuries

A fire inside a commercial property can do more than cause much damage. It can also lead to injuries and even claim lives if it can spread quicker than people can get out of a building. And smoke inhalation, not the fire, kills most people. A fire might be on the first floor, but the smoke can quickly spread to the upper floors, causing injury and death.

Every year, there are about 15,000 people injured during fires, with around 3,400 people killed.

Sprinkler systems can help save lives in case of a fire.

There's no sure way to stop all deaths and injuries if a fire happens at your workplace. But having a commercial fire sprinkler system can reduce the risk of injuries and deaths.

You Save Money on Insurance

A few business owners shy away from installing commercial fire sprinkler systems because they think they will break the bank. They do not realize that a sprinkler system could save them money in the long run. Once you install a sprinkler system in your business, your insurance company will likely reduce your rates. As long as you keep the sprinkler system up to date and maintain it, they will keep your rates low, too. A sprinkler system indicates less risk for the insurance company, translating into lower premiums.

Provides You With Peace Of Mind

As a business owner, you currently have more than enough on your plate. You have to juggle everything from payroll to inventory regularly. With a commercial fire sprinkler system, you will enjoy peace of mind that you wouldn't get otherwise. You won't have to think about what might happen to your business when you're not around. Your sprinkler system will be there looking over it for you.

The Best Fire Safety Systems Start With Professional Installation

Fire sprinkler systems are effective in stopping fire in its tracks and minimizing the damage caused by the blaze. However, it needs to be installed properly by professionals for it to work effectively.

What Should You Look For In An Installer?

Find A Dedicated Sprinkler System Company

A few plumbers might know the basics and could suggest doing the work for a lower cost than a trained installer. But don't choose that option. When dealing with something as important as a sprinkler system, hiring a skilled expert who stays updated on available products, rules, and the proper way of setting things up is necessary.

Look For National Certifications

Some groups, like the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) and NFPA, give out national certificates and chances for further learning. Check if the fire sprinkler installation company and installers have special certificates.

The NFPA educates and certifies experts on various aspects of fire safety. This group also has online classes to certify professionals for state licenses. You can find a compilation of NFPA codes about standards for sprinklers and other fire control systems on the NFPA website.

Ask Questions

You should choose the best fire sprinkler installers in your local area.

Many fire sprinkler installation companies choose products from different makers. When looking at companies, inquire about their suggestions for your project and why they're suggesting those. The company you select should be capable of explaining their choice of a particular sprinkler system. Also, an installation firm might advise a system considering part availability and local warehouse size.

Have Background Information

Research how long the business has been running in your area. Also, ask how long their system technicians and installers have been on staff and in the field.

Check Your Local Better Business Bureau

This is an excellent resource to find complaints against the company you're considering and check online evaluations from customers in your area.

With a properly installed, regularly tested, and routinely serviced fire protection system from A-1 Fire & Security Equipment, you can help keep yourself, your employees, and your business safe. Our fire protection technicians have the expertise to install and maintain any new or retrofitted sprinkler system to the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) standards. Please contact us today!